ECOnsciously DIY Workshops

We empower YOU with the knowledge and experience of making simple peaceful natural products in your home that you can share with your family and friends! ECOnsciously is focused on the well-being of self and others while working towards a greater good.

Our approach is simple, peaceful, inclusive and thoughtful.

Simple Healing / Simple Beauty / Simply ECOnsciously

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Contact: Crystal Judge (513)301-9397; email

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We provide all the materials, containers and herbs! All you have to do is pick a package and invite your friends and family!

Make Your Own Packages: (3 hours each)

 Self-Care (the basics of body care) $50 per person– deodorant, body scrub, detox bath or foot soak, and body butter

 Beauty (every face is beautiful naturally) $25 per person – face mask, face toner, face oil, and face spritzer

Protection (enjoy nature) $33 per person – bug spray, anti-itch cream, and lip balm

Nourishing (from the inside out) $33 per person – custom blend teas and tinctures; wild recipes

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